FAAR-Pronergy Expertise

FAAR-Pronergy provides an after-sales or operational maintenance service
for its entire product range. This expertise includes the following

✅ Analysis of defective products

✅ Repair and compliance

✅ Obsolete component management

✅ Strategic customer stockpiling to ensure a long production life (up to 30 OR 40 years)

✅ Retrofitting of existing competitive equipment to guarantee long production runs

✅ Application of software on ECUs and screens

✅ Modernised equipment qualification according to standards and customer requirements

This expertise has been used by many customers on long programmes (military aeronautics, nuclear power stations, rail programmes) or where the original suppliers had either disappeared or ceased production.

Comprehensive After-Sales and Operational Maintenance Services

FAAR-Pronergy is your go-to partner for comprehensive after-sales and operational maintenance services across its entire product lineup. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of operations to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your equipment. We specialize in analyzing defective products, conducting repairs and ensuring compliance, managing obsolete components, and strategically stockpiling for our customers to guarantee long production cycles extending up to 30 or even 40 years. Additionally, we excel in retrofitting existing competitive equipment, applying software upgrades to ECUs and screens, and modernizing equipment to meet both industry standards and individual customer requirements. Our proven track record includes serving clients across extensive programs such as military aeronautics, nuclear power stations, and rail programs, especially in cases where original suppliers have become defunct or ceased production. Trust FAAR Pronergy for reliable, tailored solutions that ensure the sustained performance and reliability of your critical systems.

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