FAAR Pronergy’s Engineering center develops custom hardware products, and is able to propose product extension variants around reference design.

Our field of expertise is dedicated to electronic acquisition and control systems, including power management, I/O extension, interface devices.

Our design process includes the capability to design:

✅ Metal casing
✅ Custom electronic circuit board
✅ Custom embedded SW
✅ Specific system integration

Samples of various designs are shown by the following portfolio:

✅ CAN / LIN gateway
✅ Custom Data logger for real time current acquisition in HEV vehicle
✅ Switch Controlled Power Management Box to manage Power Supply in prototype and show cars
✅ Engineering school training bench


With over 30 years of experience in energy storage, FAAR Pronergy is a major player in France when it comes to batteries in demanding environments such as defense, nuclear, and aerospace. Our expertise includes:

✅ Designing specific battery packs, with or without their Battery Management Systems (BMS), based on customer requirements.

✅ Conducting battery cooling simulations using FLOWSIMULATION software.

✅ Incorporating requirements into SOLIDWORKS software.Qualifying battery packs through certified COFRAC laboratories.

✅ Performing charge-discharge cycling tests under varying temperatures and conducting aging studies.

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